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Chariots of the Gods : Was God An Astronaut?

Chariots Of The Gods? Was God an Astronaut? - Erich von Däniken If I had never read this book I probably wouldn't be into all the amazing books I am now into. I love Erich, he was a down-to-earth ordinary bloke who thought he saw more to history than the boring, mundane, Darwinian evolutionary tale that is offered in the mainstream! LOL He took up the challenge to look beyond the academia 'This is what history tells us - so there!' and decided to offer an alternative history, one in which you don't just make do with what you are told, you question the evidence in your own way and who's to say his version of history isn't the correct one? The ancient astronaut theory is sooo popular today, he must be appealing to a lot of people - I'm one of em!