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Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett Another great Terry Pratchett book. If you love Terry Pratchett's discworld and you are a lover of foot the ball - football to you and me - then I'm sure you will love this story. I particularly liked the 2 little sort of love stories that were interwoven, between Mr Nutt (a rather civilized and know it all Orc) and Glenda (the Unseen University's night kitchen cook and lover of the romantic novel and excellent baker of pies) and the Likely lad 'Trevor Likely' (a legend in his own lifetime of 'kick the can') and Juliet (the beautiful assistant to Glenda who becomes a top Super model for Lady Dwarf chain mail). The book is Pratchett's usual clever mix of funny fantasy and whimsical philosphical observations of human nature in all its guises. I have to say however, that I found this one a little long-winded and round the houses and hense hard to get into. I finished it eventually because I wanted to see where it was going but because it was such a big book, it was hard to read it quickly enough to keep my interest going I'm afraid.