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The Realm of the Purple Dragon

The Realm of the Purple Dragon (A Junior Novel in the 'Blue' Rainbow Rune Series) - Laura Crean If you look at the eclectic range of books in my library (this is only a fraction BTW) you will probably realise that I have a great love of all books from fantasy and science-fiction to history, philosophy and adventure. The Realm of the Purple Dragon is written with all of this in mind but it is more than that, it is a children's story inspired by my own children, their love of computer games, their personalities and a need for me to inspire children to be the heroes in their own stories in real life - to use the tools they are given through their own gifts and their imagination and to appreciate the help offered by others around them. To be positive, thoughtful and hopefully inquisitive enough to explore all the hidden dimensions their universe offers them. Plus it has dragons, fairies, norse gods, magic and gaming - what child (old or young) could want more in a fatasy adventure novel?