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Picture Perfect Poetic Reflections

Picture Perfect Poetic Reflections - Laura Crean Rather than review my own poetry I thought I would just reproduce one of the poems from the book.

Patterns of Moments

Patterns of moments
weaving through time,
stitches of sensations
sewn with a needle of gold.

And the fabric is frayed,
caught by thorns
which grow near to life's path
and stray, intruding perfection.

A cloth of Universal symmetry,
wrinkles of days intersect accidentally
and folds of space consume years...

Patterns of feelings
weaving through souls,
stitches of emotions
sewn with a silver lining.

And the fabric is torn,
ripped by daggers
thrown by unseen hands
hiding in shadows, stealing innocence.

A cloth of Universal symetry,
wrinkles of tears intersect momentarily
and folds of pain consume hearts...

Patterns of philosophies
weaving through minds,
stitches of sentiments
sewn with good intentions.

And the fabric is marred,
tainted by ignorance
uttered by disillusioned mouths
opened in the heat of passion.

A cloth of Universal symmetry,
wrinkles of intellect intersect unfortunately
and folds of knowledge consume wisdom...

© 2012 Laura Crean