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1 Little Dragon's Shape Challenge - Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

1 Little dragon's Shape Challenge (Book 3 in the Toddler 'Red' Rainbow Rune Series) - Laura Crean This is the third book in the Red Rainbow Rune Series and introduces your toddler to shapes. This is a simple story told in rhyme - toddlers thrive on repetition so this book is ideal to read to your toddler whilst they are learning their shapes, colours and animals and there is a lovely picture in the back of the book to colour in.

Little ones learn about the world (and this includes learning to talk) by putting things into categories. This is a lovely educational story which also has an opportunity for adults to talk about not only shapes but colours and animals with their toddler. This will help develop your child's intellectual skills including language skills and maths skills by learning about shapes and categorising the shapes, colours and animals.

The Red Rainbow Rune Series is for your younger Fantasy Adventurers. These books will be big and bold with bright and colourful characters and will help your youngsters learn about early numbers, letters, shapes, colours and other early learning experiences. These books will be enjoyed by pre-school children and some infant school aged children.