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Josh and the Patchwork Engine

Josh and the Patchwork Engine - Laura Crean Josh and the Patchwork Engine is a Yellow book in the Rainbow Rune Series. In this story young children can begin to enjoy my fantasy realm 'The Realm of the Purple Dragon' and the colourful characters that reside there. They will be able to relate to the child characters who are transported to this magical realm - in this story a little boy called Josh, who loves trains and gets to drive a very special colourful train, picking up lots of pixie passengers in the Realm of the Purple Dragon.

This book is still in rhyme, so as your child grows too old for the toddler 'red' books they will still enjoy the repetition of the story and being 'read to' at bed time or in a quiet moment when you choose to bond with your child through reading.

The books in the Yellow Rainbow Rune Series are Picture books with longer sentences, concentrating on feelings, friendships and identity. They are for your younger school aged fantasy adventurers. They are the next step up from the toddler books, still in rhyme but with simple fantasy stories mainly set in the Realm of the Purple Dragon. These books will be enjoyed by infant school children and some junior school children.