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Scooters and Skateboards

Scooters and Skateboards (Play and Pretend with Poetry Series) - Laura Crean I love to write in rhyme! I don't always write my poetry in rhyme but for most of my children's poetry I do. This is because Children love rhyme, especially young children. They thrive on repetition and routine and believe it or not kids love ryhthm. It is an ideal way to teach children to read as the patterns and blends in the words will help children to recognise and remember how to read them. My children's books aren't designed as a reading scheme but as an interactive 'sharing' experience with adults. I believe in reading to children from a young age - children absolutely love to hear an adult read a favourite book (especially at bed time)and poetry and nursery rhymes are their favourites.

The poems in this book are recommended for you to read to your Toddler and Infant school aged child and are also perfect for juniors to read to themselves - here is an example from the book -

Scooters and Skateboards

Scooters and skateboards
are the latest mad craze,
scooters and skateboards
leave Mum in a daze.
The walk up to school
is a dangerous task
as every kid I know
zooms past super-fast.
There's 2 wheels and 3
and my friends and me
race with each other -
even my baby brother
has a cute little scooter
that flashes blue lights!
We don't look at the sights,
it's just so much fun
as we don't need to run -
cos scooters and skateboards
are the latest mad craze,
scooters and skateboards
set the school run ablaze!

© 2012 Laura Crean